2 of These 5 Free Golf Videos You’ve Never Seen

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We’ve just launched five powerful game transforming videos that will help you slash your handicap and master your game in the next 15 days!

    • I have been working hard to do two things.
    • One, build a follow-up system for my students so you can refer to my instruction and be held accountable to practice the right things.
    • Two, build a golf instruction program online that allows golfers to Keep Their Style just becoming a More Skillful Version of themselves.
  • These two things have been accomplished and I want to introduce New Rules Golf School Online by giving you 5 Fr.ee Videos.  The first two video topics I’ve only talked about to my $1800 3 Day School Students.  I have not released them in video before – until now.  It’s a gift from me to you for being such a loyal follower of our New Rules instruction philosophy.

>>Click here for the video<<

5 Golf Instruction Videos That Will Transform Your Game


Here’s what you’ll learn in these five Fr.ee videos …

    • The 3 deadly instincts that kill 90% of golfer’s handicaps and how you can avoid them
    • 3 killer misconceptions frequently told to golfers that cause the highest levels of frustration – how you can change these literally overnight and become more consistent
    • How to create a positive addiction to golf by learning to make solid contact with the ball
    • Going the Distance – Learn the #1 Drill for Driving the Ball Further
  • The Foolproof Secret To Making Those Critical Four-Footers


Get Started Today With These Five F.REE Videos!


To your golf success,

Charlie King
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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