I’ve Made a 3 Part Video for You and I’m Running for President

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Hi everybody!


Okay I know there is no such thing as President of Golf Instruction (I’m not that delusional yet).  I have created a fictional election during this election year to highlight a problem and give the solution.


Why does anyone run for president?


Because they want to change the way things are being done. And I think it’s time for a change in golf instruction.


I have identified nine standards (Download New Rules e-book www.newrulesgolf.com ) that you should look for in a golf instructor – standards which, if they don’t have, their teaching is well, (forgive the pun) – sub par. “The current administration” is still doing things the old way — which is trying to force students into a method or model.


You know guys — golf is a motor skill. It has to be treated as such. Each person’s body and brain work differently. No one method, movement, golf ball or club — or piece of practice equipment — is going to turn you into an excellent golfer.




It’s time for a new wave to spread across the golf community. Time — high time! — for people to stop being frustrated with their game and with themselves. So I’ve started this campaign for presidency to draw awareness to the need for a different way of teaching and a different way of thinking about your own golf abilities. I’m starting the “New Rules” party and our “platform” will be centered around the nine standards that will allow you to become the golfer you deserve to become.




Click here www.charliekingforpresident.com to watch The Clinic.  I brought in a professional video team to capture my full swing clinic in High Definition.  It simplifies for you the 3 tasks in hitting a golf ball: Solid Contact, Direction and Distance.  There are three drills in this video that have helped and changed so many golfers that I want you to have access to it.  Also, I want to encourage you to forward this e-mail to all your golfing friends.  It will simplify golf for them and you will get the credit.




You haven’t heard from me as much over the last few of months because I have been working on creating a way for you to hit more “Pure” golf shots, lower your scores and be less confused and more satisfied with your golf game.  I have been bringing in a professional video crew on Mondays for the last several months to create instructional video segments that will lead to golfers reaching their potential.


All the things somebody should have told me 20 years ago that would have cut my learning time down by at least half, I will have available to you starting on June 15th. It will come in the form of a membership website like no other. The site will be called the “New Rules of Golf Potential Club”.  This site will be for all golfers who have even a faint desire to reach their potential in golf.  My program will unlock the secrets to having that “light bulb” go off in your head — and suddenly you’ll realize what you need to do to improve.


It will be like having regular private lessons from me — with information that you can immediately apply to your golf game.  The people that I have run it by so far have been blown away. They’re like “Wow Charlie – this is good stuff!” or “Charlie – You’ve got something here!” There are a whole bunch of benefits to joining –

But I’m not asking you to join now.


All I am asking you to do now is go to www.charliekingforpresident.com , watch the videos for my run for President and on June 15th join The New Rules of Golf Potential Club.  AND FINALLY, FINALLY, YOU WILL HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN YOUR GOLF GAME!

I’m excited to share it!!



P.S. Stay tuned for my next e-mail (I’ve created two videos for you that will have you hitting it “Pure”).


P.P.S. Let me know what you think about my new website, run for President and the new member website I am launching.

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