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When you don’t trust what you’re doing, you tend to tense up, tighten your grip and try to steer the ball. Think of it this way: When you strangle the club, the club doesn’t choke – you do.

I want you to start monitoring your grip pressure. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the tightest), try to stay at a five all the way through – a five at address, five on the backswing, five on your downswing.  To get feel for what 10 is, hold the club as tight as you can and then as loose as you can.  A 5 grip pressure is between the two extremes.

Focus on the consistency of your grip pressure. Maintain a 5 from address through impact and follow-through for consistent, even results.

Watch the following on Swinging the Club for more detail about what even grip pressure does for you.


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