Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The 3 deadly instincts that kill 90% of golfer’s handicaps and how you can avoid them
  • 3 killer misconceptions frequently told to golfers that cause the highest levels of frustration – how you can change these literally overnight and become more consistent
  • How to create a positive addiction to golf by learning to make solid contact with the ball
  • Going the Distance – Learn the #1 Drill for Driving the Ball Further
  • The Foolproof Secret To Making Successful Short Putts

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  • The secret to hitting solid, “pure” golf shots that have the same sound and feel as a Tour Player impact
  • The little known key to hitting straight shots and why Tour Players hit the ball crooked sometimes
  • You’ll learn why the “Big Muscle” Theory is a lot like Communism. Great theory, doesn’t work.
  • How to understand the Mental Toughness secrets that ALL champion golfers have in common
  • How to spin your wedges and have distance control like Tom Kite
  • A putting drill that I have only revealed to my $1800 3 Day Golf School students that makes putting intuitive and athletic.
  • Build your golf game on a solid foundation so you can be consistent and confident while your golfing buddies are frustrated and struggling
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