New Rules Golf School Online Thank You

Thank You!

Congratulations for Getting on the Fast Track to a New Level of Golf

What happens Next?  

1. You will receive an e-mail welcoming you to New Rules Golf School Online and it will have your login details and temporary password

2. Login to NRGSO and go to the Profile link (small text link under your name on the left hand side) to set your password and add your profile information so we know more about you.

3. Go to the Thank you Video that you might have already seen on this page and then to the Orientation Video under New Rules Training.

4. From there I want you to go to Lesson 1 and watch the videos.

5. Then, I want you to start to practice what you learned in the videos either at home using the 5 Minutes to Better Golf Program or practice at a range.

6. Be ready each week for the next piece of the puzzle on your way to the best golf of your life.

** Also as added Bonus you now have Instant Access to all of my “5 FREE VIDEO SERIES” videos, you will not have to wait for them to come to you via an email.  The 5 FREE VIDEO SERIES can be found under the BONUS tab once you have logged into the website


Log in to New Rules Golf School Online and Get Started Now! (Your password is in the Login e-mail)

 I look forward to seeing you inside.

Charlie King