Can You Spare 5 Minutes Twice a Day to Improve Your Golf Game?

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5 minutes at a time.  That’s all.

5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the evening.  Five or six days a week.

At home with minimal equipment necessary.

That’s all I’m asking in terms of a commitment from you to get better at golf.

Some of you might think that’s not enough time to get better at golf, but guess what 5 minutes is better than?  ZERO minutes!

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We need to create momentum.  We need to get started and get going.

I have thought long and hard about this and then I asked myself a question “How consistently do you practice?”. It hit me that I am at one of the greatest teaching/practice facilities in the country and I have not been practicing consistently.  That changed as of Tuesday.

Habits, skills and improvement are built on repetitions.  Most of us don’t do any repetitions because it seems too overwhelming or we’ve tried for an hour and then got sidetracked for a week or two. Because we can’t commit to the hour on a regular basis, we don’t get a lot of repetitions in.

Let me do the math for you. If we can get 20-30 repetitions in the morning and 20-30 in the evening, that’s 50-60 repetitions a day.  For easy math, we’ll call it 50 repetitions. I think you’ll end up getting more than that, but we’ll call it 50.  Fifty reps a day x 6= 300 (I’ll give you one day off).  Fifty-two weeks times 300 is 15,600.  So by committing 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening you can have 15,600 repetitions in a year.  Can 15,600 correct, effective reps make a difference? It can and it will.

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The 5 Minutes to Better Golf program got started on Tuesday, but you can start any time.  I am going to be your coach and hold you accountable to a very achievable goal.  We all need a coach and I am going to guide you through the process. My staff and I have started and we want you to join us.

I am looking for golfers who have always wanted to be better but the barriers of time, money and access to quality instruction have held them back.

Click here to get access to a 5 Minute program that is going to make learning golf more convenient for only $19.95 per month. It becomes available to you as a bonus in my new subscription website “Reach Your Golf Potential Academy”.  You will also get access to hours of instruction divided into digestable modules that include the 1) 7 Essentials Full Swing skills and 2) my Red Zone Short Game principles in video format.  3) The New Rules of Mental Toughness program for your mindset is worth the price of admission by itself because we know how important the mental side is to golf. 4) The New Rules of Reaching Your Golf Potential E-book is available for download. There are also 5) Case Studies to show you how I have achieved some incredible results, 6) Video Analysis of Tour players and Amateur players to give you an insiders education about golf swing theory (mine is the understanbale version) and there’s much more.

As I said in the last e-mail, I guarantee you that there is NOTHING TO LOSE. This is a 100 percent 30 Day money back guarantee. There’s no reason NOT to do this. Give this thing a shot. It’s something I wish I had access to when I began the game and I want each of us (that’s right, I’ll be applying these programs myself) to benefit from it. It is a website that will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your golf game.

Your Golf Coach,

Charlie King

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