Introduction to the 7 Full Swing Essentials

Old Rules Make You LOOK Like a Golfer, New Rules Give You the SKILLS of a Golfer

This is one of the big shifts from the Old Rules to the New Rules.  For years the most common way to teach was to create a model or method and then give every golfer a “one size fits all” lesson.   Below you will find a video discussing each of my 7 Full Swing Essentials.


Introduction to the 7 Full Swing Essentials

1. Pre Swing Part 1

Pre Swing Part 2

2. Solid Contact – Golf’s Most Important Lesson

3. Clubface Awareness – #1 Key to Accuracy

4. Swing Plane

5. Effective Body Movement

6. Effortless Clubhead Speed

7. Width

New Rules – Proper Video Analysis

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  1. The video analysis video is spot on. All video instruction is over analyzed to the students face. Think it, prioritize it and give suggestions and skill building then analyze improvement later. Great point and well said. Thanks!

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