New Rules Golf School at Reynolds Plantation


“Our New Rules philosophy means we don’t make you look like a golfer, we turn you into a golfer”


Reach Your PotentialTM School

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New Rules Golf School at Reynolds


3 Day “Red Zone” Short Game School

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New Rules Golf School at Reynolds






The Ultimate Golf School

If you can find a better environment for learning golf than what we’ve established here at Reynolds Golf Academy, by all means attend. But we don’t think you will.

With 16 acres of practice tees, a multi-tiered pitching range, a one-of-a-kind short game area and a 6,550 square foot Academy building that includes two enclosed hitting bays, video technology, six-camera MATT lab and classroom, Reynolds Golf Academy has the tools that lead to pinpoint feedback and noticeable improvement.

These facilities are where Charlie King’s Essential of GolfTM programs take place. Charlie studied golf swings, short game, and course management. That’s normal, all golf schools and instructors have done that. He studied motor learning principles, communication skills, physics as it relates to golf and kinesiology. It’s is a little unusual to go to these lengths to make sure we have the knowledge to create the ultimate learning experience. But the biggest thing he did was focus his attention on how to make you, the golfer, successful.

His poor experiences in the early lessons he took while trying to be a professional player created a strong desire to discover the most complete and successful way to teach golf. This led him on a search for knowledge and experience to answer the question, “What is the ultimate way to learn golf?” The culmination of that is what he has created at the Reynolds Golf Academy.

2013 Golf School Schedule

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