3 Day Golf School

Three Day Reach Your PotentialTM School

The Reynolds Golf Academy three-day school touches all aspects of the game.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of a sound golf swing, short game instruction, course management, fitness evaluation, personalized video analysis and the psychology of the game.

Emphasis is placed on directing and maximizing each student’s talents with our state-of-the-art video and computer equipment.

A personalized program is developed that includes short game, fitness and psychological evaluations.

All of our three-day programs include:

  • A 4-to-1 student/instructor ratio, giving you almost individual coaching
  • Your personal physical and video analysis
  • Foundation building
  • The perfect swing for your style
  • Three little-known irons secrets
  • Five keys to putting
  • The essentials of great bunker play
  • Three drills that will ensure you always get long putts close
  • Getting out of trouble
  • Your mental game (a critical and often overlooked aspect of your game)
  • Hitting it further
  • Chipping it closer
  • How to control your distance
  • Course management
  • Final personalized CD and custom manual


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