Are You Addicted To Golf? – New Rules Golf School Minute

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In the video below I quickly explain why those of us who love golf are addicted to it (in a positive way). There is one main factor that leads to this feeling.  The opposite is true for the golfer who struggles and golf is currently not much fun.

Watch the video below and let me know in the comment section what else keeps you addicted to golf.  Sign up to the right for my 5 Free Video series I call the “Foundation”. Follow the advice and you will be addicted to the game!

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  1. Charlie Iam 67 years old and play to 3 handicap and I agree with you that the feeling of solid contact feels effortless and without tension. It has always amazed me that when you take tension out of the swing and just let it go to the target the results, may not be perfect but they are pretty close.

    Look forward to “The Foundation” series.

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