A Campaign Speech Targeted for YOUR Golf Game and How to Hit it PURE

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By now you’ve heard about my fictional run for President of Golf Instruction.  Yes, it’s a spoof, but I really do believe that the current way we teach golf is not helping golfers and a new “administration” needs to take office and help golfers reach their full potential.


As part of my Presidential campaign, I taped a campaign speech.  You can watch it here.

The speech lays out all the things that I believe would help your golf game the most.  I talk about the way I think golf should be taught and how you deserve to reach your FULL POTENTIAL.


In the speech, I tell you why I think there’s an inherent problem with using a method or model to teach the full swing.  My “platform” focuses on SKILLS, just like any other sport.


I talk about why it’s hard to trust a golf instructor and how my profession needs to make this right.  I want to give you a road map to follow to play your best golf.


I know you want to hear how to hit the ball LONGER, STRAIGHTER and how to MAKE MORE SHORT PUTTS.  You can get that by downloading the Clinic on the website!

I also am unveiling my biggest campaign promise: Pure Impact: The Solid Contact Project.  This easy to understand program is designed to focus teachers and golfers on golf’s magic, addictive feeling.  This feeling I’m referring to is the feeling of a pure shot hit right in the sweetspot of the club.  If you were feeling that more often, you would be loving golf more and having more fun.  I’m going to show you how. Click on www.charliekingforpresident.com and enter your name and e-mail address to get access to the 2 videos.


So, check out the video of my campaign speech by clicking here or go directly tohttp://www.charliekingforpresident.com/ and watch my run for President of Golf Instruction unfold.

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