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New Rules Short Game Minute – Are You a Scooper When You Chip?

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in New Rules Golf Academy, Short Game | 4 comments

Chipping is that little Bump and Run shot from just off the green.  It appears to be easy, but my years of teaching tells me it is hard for most golfers.  There is an instinctive desire to lift the ball and that is what I call a Scoop. In this One Minute video I show a simple test to see if you are a Striker or a Scooper? Watch the video below and let me know what you are in the comment section.  

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$700 to $1000 Off Select May 2012 Golf Schools

Posted by on May 4, 2012 in New Rules Golf Academy | 0 comments

We have had a great golf school season so far. Our schools have been full and we have seen some big transformations take place with golfers. Two schools have not filled in May and that leads to a great offer for you. I explain the offer in the video below. Click on the video below to hear me explain the offer. The first two to call in get the school for $800 each, the next two for $900 each, the next two for $1000 each and anyone after that is $1100. The first school is May 11- 13 and is our comprehensive Essentials 3 Day school and the other is May 18-20 and that is 3 Day Red Zone Short...

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My Best Golf School Offer EVER: Oct/Nov Video Newsletter

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Watch the video below to see the latest at the New Rules Golf School at Reynolds Plantation.  I said the phone number wrong in the video.  The correct number 706-467-1660.

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