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When Winter Changes to Spring…

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I admit I am a fair weather golfer.   I like the temp to be 70 degrees and above when I play golf (and when I teach golf). I realized a few weeks back that I could not remember a truly good round of golf I had played in the cold. I have a theory for why this has been true. I am cold natured. My toes go numb in cold and cool weather. I love Hot weather.   I say this to you to say “I’m not a big fan of winter time”. I really look forward to the spring, warmer weather and getting excited about the new season and the Masters.   Spring is right around the corner...

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2 of These 5 Free Golf Videos You’ve Never Seen

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We’ve just launched five powerful game transforming videos that will help you slash your handicap and master your game in the next 15 days! I have been working hard to do two things. One, build a follow-up system for my students so you can refer to my instruction and be held accountable to practice the right things. Two, build a golf instruction program online that allows golfers to Keep Their Style just becoming a More Skillful Version of themselves. These two things have been accomplished and I want to introduce New Rules Golf School Online by giving you 5 Videos.  The...

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You Can be as PURE as Hogan, Trevino and Lopez in the Next 30 Days

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The Holy Grail in golf is that feeling we get at the moment of contact – it’s what got us addicted to golf and we wish we could feel it more often.  Great players can hit it farther than most of us, but we can learn to hit the ball as PURE as them. Hogan, Nicklaus and Sorenstam hit it Pure and so can you. The problem:  it’s not easy!  Our instincts work against us. With the ball on the ground, we swing up to make it go up, which is logical.  But, it doesn’t work.  To throw a ball, we bend our wrist to make it go faster.  To get the club head to go faster, we think we have...

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I Reveal Dr. Rick Jensen’s SECRET Success Formula on Today’s New Rules Golf School LIVE

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Golf School We had some fun today talking about golfers reaching their potential and revealing Dr. Rick Jensen’s Secret Success Formula.  I also told one of my favorite Harry Obitz stories and answered your questions.  Watch it and then pass it on to friends. New Rules Golf School Live – Episode #3   For golfers who want to reach their potential and teachers who want to be the best!   New Rules Essentials – Reach Your Potential This Year Recommended Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within” Recommended Dr. Rick Jensen...

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REMINDER: Join me Tomorrow at Noon edt (Feb.11) for Golf Show LIVE

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The first two shows got some good reviews including “the best golf video I’ve ever watched”.  Thank you for that great comment.  If you thought that was good, look out.  I’m just starting to get warmed up.  Type in or click on the ustream link www.ustream.tvand type New Rules Golf in the search function.  We will get started a couple of minutes after Noon edt. New Rules Golf School Live Segments New Rules Essentials – We will talk about why this is your year to reach your potential. New Rules of Mental Toughness – a formula that will give you a...

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Watch the Replay of New Rules Golf School Live, Many Questions Answered

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Our first episode of New Rules Golf School Live has been recorded and is ready for you to watch.  I have outlined the topics I covered below.  Enjoy and please pass this on to your golfing friends.  We can change the golf industry for the better with your help.       Welcome to New Rules Golf School Live Episode 1 Introduction – Charlie King, Director of Instruction for the New Rules Golf School at Reynolds Plantation The Goal of New Rules Golf School Live is to teach the 9 New Rules Standards and simplify learning golf   This show is for you...

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