Short Game

A Putting Secret for Short Putts

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Putting, Short Game | 0 comments

In the one minute video below I reveal a simple idea that I have seen dramatically improve the short putting in the golfers I teach.  It is a simple idea but it has profound results. Watch the video below.  

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Good Chipping Gives You Par For a Partner

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Rob Akins told me a story about practicing with a very good player who used to push him to hit shag bag after shag bag of balls in every area of golf but especially in chipping.  Watch the video to find out WHY Rob’s practice partner thought it was so important.  

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When Winter Changes to Spring…

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in New Rules Golf School Blog, New Rules Golf School Online, Short Game | 0 comments

I admit I am a fair weather golfer.   I like the temp to be 70 degrees and above when I play golf (and when I teach golf). I realized a few weeks back that I could not remember a truly good round of golf I had played in the cold. I have a theory for why this has been true. I am cold natured. My toes go numb in cold and cool weather. I love Hot weather.   I say this to you to say “I’m not a big fan of winter time”. I really look forward to the spring, warmer weather and getting excited about the new season and the Masters.   Spring is right around the corner...

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New Rules Short Game Minute – Are You a Scooper When You Chip?

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in New Rules Golf Academy, Short Game | 4 comments

Chipping is that little Bump and Run shot from just off the green.  It appears to be easy, but my years of teaching tells me it is hard for most golfers.  There is an instinctive desire to lift the ball and that is what I call a Scoop. In this One Minute video I show a simple test to see if you are a Striker or a Scooper? Watch the video below and let me know what you are in the comment section.  

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What Loren Roberts Told Me About Reading Greens

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Putting, Short Game, Uncategorized | 4 comments

New Rules Red Zone Minute A couple of years back, Loren Roberts was at the Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation doing a corporate outing for us.  He gave some of his best ideas on what made him such a good putter. When the “Boss of the Moss” talks about putting, we are smart to listen.  In the video below I pass on to you a quick insight about how he reads greens.  Click on the video  below for some putting mojo.  

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2010 Reynolds Red Zone Challenge Finals Decides $10,000 in Prizes

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Our year long $10,000 Reynolds Red Zone Challenge had its finals on October 18th.  The eight finalists were picked by a drawing of the golfers who completed the Red Zone Challenge, improved from the first test to the second test, and turned in an entry form.   We held the 2nd Annual Red Zone Challenge at the National Golf Course and Golf Academy.  The weather was great and everyone involved seemed to have a great time.  We played nine holes at the Ridge with various short game shots from 100 yards and in.  We took the nine hole score minus half the golfers short game handicap to...

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