In Putting, Is Speed or Direction More Important?

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This question has led to many of a debate.  In this One Minute video, I don’t end the debate but give my thoughts on how it breaks down.

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You Can Develop Pin-Point Wedges Like Tom Kite

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Tom Kite was the best at controlling his distance with wedges. Watch the One Minute video below to see how he did it.  

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I Got Rid of My Slice. You Should Too!

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My first 3 years playing golf, I sliced the ball. You can become somewhat accurate doing this, but you lose a lot of distance and it limits your potential. It is worth the trouble to change to a draw ball flight. Watch the One Minute video below where I quickly discuss this topic.

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Should You Change Your Grip?

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I don’t automatically change a grip that is a little unique. In the video below, I give you a one minute quick take on how to know if you should change your grip.

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Are You “Swinging” the Club?

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Make sure to look at the 3:30 mark for my trick shot training aid you might not believe. Also, keep an eye on the “Views”.  Be the person that puts it over the 100,000 views mark!

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Golf Mental Secret Jack Nicklaus Told Mike Malaska

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My friend Top 50 Teacher Mike Malaska told me about a question he asked Jack Nicklaus. “How do you handle the pressure of teeing off at the 18th at Augusta during the Masters?” Jack had a question for Mike and then what I thought was a simple but great answer. Watch the video below to find out Jack’s answer.

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