“In my work as a sports psychologist, I have been around all of the top teachers. The teacher that is leading golf instruction now and into the future is Charlie King. You owe it yourself to learn from him online or in person. He simplifies what is ordinarily a complex topic and he allows you to be unique. He is the model of the modern golf teacher. He is a coach.”
– Dr. Rick Jensen, #1 Golf Performance Expert

“The New Rules are brilliant. I have seen the problem of golf instruction up close and personal as a past editor for Golf Magazine. Charlie is one of a hand full of teachers who is leading us into a new era.”
– Lorin Anderson, Former Editor in charge of Golf Magazine Top 100 Franchise

“You turned my game completely around. From slicing to drawing, from topping to solid, from 3 putts to making putts, from leaving it in the bunker to getting out. I cannot thank you enough for the fun I now have playing golf. I still don’t hit’em all perfect, but I hit the ball better than I ever have and my scores have come down a lot. I recommend you to everybody I know (except the ones I bet against).”
– Michael Lefkove, satisfied student