New Rules Golf Coach

New Rules Golf Coach

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New Rules Golf Coach is committed to growing the game through instruction.  As an industry we are failing golfers.  Handicaps have stayed the same for decades and each year 2 million frustrated golfers leave our sport feeling hopeless.  We can do better, golfers deserve better.  At New Rules Golf Coach we are setting the standard for today’s teaching professionals.  Founded by teachers for teachers, dedicated to helping you succeed in the business of Golf Instruction.  Learn how to take your business and your coaching to next level.

What Is New Rules Golf Coach?

Founded by Top 100 Golf Instructor Charlie King, New Rules Golf Coach is both an online and in-person program built to help you be the best teacher you can be and be successful with your teaching business.

Coaches Will Learn

      • The 9 New Rules Standards
      • A definitive, systematic, skills-based approach to all aspects of the game
      • Effective Video Analysis
      • Fitness Evaluations
      • The 5 critical steps to a lesson
      • Motor-Learning Theory
      • The Hierarchy of Skills
      • Skill-Based Instruction Principles
      • How to Fix the 5 Lesson you will have 95% of the time
      • How to Prioritize Properly
      • How to identify root cause and enter into the conversation golfers are having in their head
      • The instincts that cause golfers to do the wrong thing over and over
      • How to develop programs golfers want
      • How to teach elite and developmental golfers

On The Business Side

      • Personal Development
      • Time Management
      • Internet Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Social Media and YouTube Marketing
      • 4 P’s of an Expert
      • Understand e-books, article publication, and writing a book

How to Be The Best Teacher in Your Area and Have Financial Freedom (While Doing What You Love)!”

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Level 1:

  • Full Swing Essentials
  • Personal Development
  • Direction Control
  • Effortless Power

Level 2:

  • Level One Plus..
  • Red Zone Short Game
  • Internet Marketing