Comedian Steve Harvey Endorses Me and I Have Two Free Golf Videos to Show You How to Hit it The Best of Your Life

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Thank you for the great response to Part 1 of our mock documentary “President of Golf Instruction”.¬† Over a thousand people have been to the website and watched that first installment.

I appreciate everyone weighing in with their feedback. If you haven’t seen the interview with Peter Kessler after my fictional election as President of Golf Instruction¬†click here.

Here’s some of the great comments:

“Excellent Approach! Very contemporary.”¬†– Mike S.

“Applaud the originality and effort to do something unique to motivate people to seek improvement.¬†You get my high marks in my opinion.” – RC

“Take a ride on Charlie’s bullet train to a better game and the joy it will bring.” – Scott

The ratings have been mainly 5’s and I appreciate the feedback.

Now on to the second installment.

Steve Harvey, one of the “Original Kings of Comedy”¬†had a good time working with us on his golf game a few months ago and he was willing to do an “endorsement” as part of my fictional run for president.¬†Harvey leads off Part 2¬†of the president of golf instruction documentary.

Click Here¬†to watch the conclusion of “President of Golf Instruction”.

In this video Peter asks me about my mentors and what I am going to do first as President.¬† I feel like one of the most important things I do is focus golfers on very specific tasks that will have the biggest effect on their golf game.¬†¬†What I would do first¬†if there was such a thing as President of Golf Instruction and I was it, is to get you to hit the ball¬†“Pure”.

I have created a program for most golfers called¬†“Pure Impact: The Solid Contact Project.”¬†Solid contact is that “magic moment.” It’s the thing that makes us want to play more golf and it’s what got us addicted in the first place. There’s just no doubt in my mind that it’s that pure contact, that golf ball sailing off of the club face, that makes us come back for more.

Download the¬†“Pure Impact: The Solid Contact Project”¬†by¬†clicking here¬†(you will enter your name and e-mail address).

You get two videos that show you the What and the How of solid contact and a PDF that has a practice plan for the next 10 days.

How much more fun would it be to catch those irons solid off the fairway?

So watch Part 2 of President of Golf Instruction and learn how to hit it pure. I look forward to more of your feedback!

Your golf teacher and president(fictional),
Charlie King

P.S. This is all leading up to the launch of a website built to help your golf game 24/7.  We are putting the finishing touches on it and you will be getting the specifics in the next couple of e-mails. Thanks for being part of my community.

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