I Reveal Dr. Rick Jensen’s SECRET Success Formula on Today’s New Rules Golf School LIVE

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Golf School We had some fun today talking about golfers reaching their potential and revealing Dr. Rick Jensen’s Secret Success Formula.  I also told one of my favorite Harry Obitz stories and answered your questions.  Watch it and then pass it on to friends.

New Rules Golf School Live – Episode #3


For golfers who want to reach their potential and teachers who want to be the best!


  1. New Rules Essentials – Reach Your Potential This Year
    1. Recommended Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”
    2. Recommended Dr. Rick Jensen – http://www.drrickjensen.com/
    3. Recommended “The Answer” by John Assaraff and discussed the power of the unconscious mind
    4. Discussed using a vision board


  1. New Rules Mental Toughness
    1. Dr. Rick Jensen’s Secret Success Formula


  1. Story of the Week
    1. Harry Obitz “Every method is a glorified pitch shot”
    2. “I better not hear you’re a method teacher”
    3. “Teach principles to golfers and not methods”


  1. Questions and Answers
    1. Stack and Tilt
    2. Can you help me with my slice?
    3. I’m topping the ball

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