In Putting, Is Speed or Direction More Important?

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This question has led to many of a debate. ┬áIn this One Minute video, I don’t end the debate but give my thoughts on how it breaks down.


  1. Charlie

    Nice one minute video on speed v. direction. However, can you clarify “long putts”? When does a putt move from short to long (at 15′, 20′, 25′)


  2. Great Videos!
    I enjoy very much following your New Golf Rules and I was looking forward to meet you in Orlando at the Golf Magazine Top 100 Summit… I guess it will be in another opportunity… If you are ever in Miami, please let me know and let me have you as my VIP guest at Doral…

    All the best and keep up with your outstanding work!


  3. I always considered speed on short putts but will take your advice and concentrate on direction to see if there is any improvement. So happy I came across your blog. Thanks for the tips will check in on a regular basis.

    • Hi Marian!
      Thank you for your comment. Let us know how your putts are coming along. We are going to be launching our new website soon, so you’ll want to check there for all the latest posts and updates! Thanks for keeping in touch with us!

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