REMINDER: Join me Tomorrow at Noon edt (Feb.11) for Golf Show LIVE

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The first two shows got some good reviews including “the best golf video I’ve ever watched”.  Thank you for that great comment.  If you thought that was good, look out.  I’m just starting to get warmed up.  Type in or click on the ustream link www.ustream.tvand type New Rules Golf in the search function.  We will get started a couple of minutes after Noon edt.

New Rules Golf School Live


  1. New Rules Essentials – We will talk about why this is your year to reach your potential.
  2. New Rules of Mental Toughness – a formula that will give you a road map for this year.
  3. Story of the Week
  4. I answer your questions – this has been extremely popular and I am trying to get caught up with the many responses.

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