My New Rules Golf Opinion: Johnny Miller

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Johnny Miller is the type of personality that you either love or you hate.  There is very little in between.

I have a lot of respect for Johnny Miller as a player and he is certainly entitled to his opinions as an announcer.

Johnny rubs me the wrong way because his commentary almost always revolves around choking. Yes, players choke sometimes, but what about a missed shot on the third hole on Thursday.  It is not a choke, there are a percentage of missed shots for every player.

The illogic of many of Johnny’s remarks put me in the camp that turns the volume down when NBC is doing coverage.  I would rather listen to CBS any day of the week.

One of the statements that really stands out to me as illogical is from the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach.  Dan Hicks asked Johnny if the tough course conditions or nerves of playing in the U S Open were leading to the high scores.  Without hesitation, Johnny said it was the nerves of the situation. In essence saying that the entire field was choking.

These are the worlds best players.  They can take a golf course that an average player would shoot 10 shots higher than normal and tear it apart.  They have been conditioning themselves for tournament play since they were kids.  They are the cream that rose to the top through junior golf, college golf, Qualifying schools and they are from all over the world.

When the entire field shoots higher scores, it is logical to say the course is the reason. Of course the difficulty of the golf course is the reason.

Those type of illogical statements keep me from being a fan of Johnny Miller.  I’m interested to know your opinion.  Please vote in the comment section below by putting Like or Dislike or Love or Hate or Thumbs up or Thumbs down.  If you want to leave a comment as well.  I’m interested to know if we have an even split of Johnny Miller fans or if it falls heavily to one side or the other.

Thanks for your attention.

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