“The New Rules of Golf Instruction” is Here

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Wow.  Today is the release of my 60-page ebook, “The New Rules of Golf Instruction,” which is available for free download at NewRulesGolf.com.  New Rules of Golf Instruction e-book cover The ebook features the nine areas where traditional (Old Rules) golf instruction has failed and introduces the “New Rules,” a modern set of ideas and standards for golfers and instructors.

I believe the New Rules will pave the way for people of all skill levels to play their best golf and stick with the game.

I didn’t have very good instruction early in my career and that put me on a missionGolfers deserve not to be confused.  It’s too difficult to figure out how to get better at golf.  “New Rules” is the manifesto that explains how to do this.

New Rules includes chapters on the full swing, the short game, the mental side of golf, practice and programs, fitness, the use of video, club fitting and communication.  Each chapter explains the Old Rules way of teaching (which will sound familiar to any golfer who has had a bad or ineffective lesson) and clearly contrasts it with the New Rules approach.  The ebook includes personal stories from me, as well as my contributors and instructors from across the nation.

The New Rules of Golf Instruction ebook is 60 pages long.  You can read it in one sitting.  I’m asking you to read it and if you agree with what it says, use the principles for your own game and pass it on to fellow golfers.  Join our Movement.  We’ve also launched Facebook and LinkedIn groups that you can join to become part of our grassroots movement to improve golf instruction so it benefits you.

For more information on “The New Rules of Golf Instruction,” visit The New Rules of Golf Instruction” Website.

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