New Rules Golf Minute – Hit a Draw or a Fade?

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This is a slightly advanced topic. But that’s okay. This one minute video quickly discusses the criteria I use to help my players decide.

Click on the video below, watch the video and then tell me in the comment section which one you prefer.


  1. Down loaded info about Golf School. I tried to print, to read later. Was not able to do so. Should I have not tried to print ? If that is true how do get to download it again. thank you.

    • Hi Johnny, Sorry to hear that you had difficulty with the information about the Golf Schools. You can always find full details about all of our Instructional Programs on our “New Rules” website. Below is a link that should take you directly to that information. If the link does not work for some reason when you click on it you can cut and paste that URL into your browser’s address bar. Thank you.

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