Peter Kessler Interviews Me After My Fictional Victory for President of Golf Instruction

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You know me and you know how passionate I am about teaching golf.

Well, I’ve been looking over your input the past few weeks and thinking long and hard about ways I can best help youreach your potential and making it fun along the way. I’ve put together some videos and tools that I feel confident will make improvement easier for you to finally get.

And speaking of videos, I have another one that I want you to see. You saw my fictional run for president in May and June, right? What you haven’t seen is the interview with Peter Kessler and mock documentary that we’ve put together.
Click here to see The President of Golf Instruction Part 1 Documentary (fictional).
We hired a production crew for 3 days, flew in Peter Kessler from Orlando and created a whole website based around this whole “campaign” for President of Golf Instruction to highlight the difference between golf instruction that helps(New Rules) and golf instruction that confuses (Old Rules).

Some people have told me I was crazy to spend this much time and money on this project but I will let you be the judge (your comments and feedback are always invited).

In fact, a few of my buddies watched and were convinced it’s as good, if not BETTER, than what they see weekly on 60 Minutes.
See for yourself by clicking here.

BONUS Video with my Full Swing Essentials (Details Below)

It is years of experience and helping golfers improve poured into a simple 40 minute video. Pardon my sales pitch here, but the information in this video costs as much as $200 per hour to get it from me in person. However, because you are a valued member of my list, I’m extending this to you FREE OF CHARGE.
A lot of you have already downloaded the Full Swing clinic video and here are a few “success stories” that you’ve shared with me.
“I did your line drill and path and face drill and it put me back on track immediately.” – Lenny Varacelli, PGA Golf Professional
“Probably the most beneficial 40 minutes of video instruction I’ve received in the game of golf.” – Patrick Shaw, amateur golfer.
You can watch the full clinic video by registering at our webpage by clicking here.

One More Thing

Another thing you guys know about me is that I’m a focused person. So there HAS to be a reason that I’m doing this.

We had a lot of fun doing this shoot, but there is a method to all this madness. You are all UNIQUE and should be TAUGHT that way – not by methods and models. I have been trying for years to figure how to teach my New Rules information to more golfers and how to have a follow-up system for my current students.

Well, I think I have figured it out and I will be telling you more about it this week.  Be on the outlook for a couple of more videos, more helpful free videos and a big announcement. STAY TUNED!

Your golf coach and President (fictional),
Charlie King

P.S. I would like to know if you think the mock documentary was money well spent or “too over the top” to get my New Rules ideas out there.

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