PGA Merchandise Show Yields a Few New Interesting Items

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This was my 21st PGA Merchandise Show starting with my first in 1989.  The heyday of the Show was in the ’90’s culminating with the Show in 1999 spurred on by the .com boom.  The place was buzzing like never before and the money was flowing from Silicon Valley and Wall Street.  The .com bust took place in 2000 and the PGA sold the Show to Reed Expositions.  Reed raised the prices and the big club manufacturers pulled out.

The PGA Merchandise Show has never quite been the same since then, but it still has plenty to look at and it brings the golf industry together for 4 days.

I spoke to the LPGA Teaching Division about the New Rules on Thursday and met with the PGA of America about a national Red Zone Challenge on Friday.  I hit the Show floor on Saturday and found a couple of items that might be of interest to you.  I have the URL’s listed below.

  1. is a portable video unit that allows you to videotape yourself easily and then play it back and upload it to your computer.  Very convenient and a reasonable price.
  2. www.zelocity.comhas lower priced radar devices to measure ball speed or clubhead speed.  This could be a great practice device to measure the consistency of your rhythm and distance control.
  3. www.eyelinegolf.comspecializes in putting training aids.  They have a heavy ball to practice hitting the ball solid.  The owner, Sam Froggatte is a great person and over delivers on his promises.
  4. has good prices on alignment aids.
  5. www.gripitrite.comhas a training aid for grip developed by Canadian National Golf Coach and New Rules contributor, Henry Brunton.  It fits on your golf club and gives you the feel of where your hands should be.

A couple of these items can certainly improve your game.

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