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We just opened the subscription website this morning after I sent the letter you are going to see below.¬† A lot of golfers who want to get better have signed up and I don’t want you to miss out.

My whole staff and I have done our first “5 Minutes to Better Golf” exercise and we are 50 reps closer to a good habit that will hold up under pressure than we were before we did it.¬† We have a commitment that we can live up to and it will naturally lead to momentum that will have us practicing more and better.

There are links to the video I made for you below as well as a good description of what you will get when you sign up. Let’s have fun reaching our potential in golf.


I hope you have enjoyed all of the build up to today – our Charlie King for President Campaign, my interview with Peter Kessler, an endorsement from Steve Harvey and our climactic movie trailer from yesterday. It was fun putting it together for you and I hope you have enjoyed at least part of it. But as I’ve said all along, there’s a reason we did all of this.


Watch the video version of this letter and sign up.


And here we are. Our big debut. So what’s this all built up to? A membership website called “Reach Your Golf Potential Academy”.


Well, golfers have a hard time getting better at golf. The game tends to be confusing. A perfect example of that happened with my own golf game when I sought out instruction years ago. Early on I had a teacher put a method on me and I learned it just isn’t the way to improve. You are¬†UNIQUE¬†and do not deserve to be taught that way.


You’re reading this because you have an interest in getting better at golf. You need a coach and you need an advisor to get you to achieve your dream of reaching your potential. So what I have done is put together a complete program that is available to you 24/7 to address your need for instruction.


What are the problems you have with instruction? There can be¬†confusion¬†in the presentation you’re getting from an instructor with terminology being used and poor examples. You¬†don’t have time¬†in your week to dedicate yourself to practicing as much as you should. And then there’s¬†money.¬†¬†I obviously believe top notch instruction is valuable and I want a more affordable supplement to that instruction.


Perhaps it’s the mechanics that you can’t solve. You have a constant¬†slice or a hook. You¬†can’t hit the ball solid. You want to be more¬†CONSISTENT¬†(by far the biggest complaint I hear). You need¬†more distance.


Watch the video version of this e-mail and sign up.


Or there isn’t convenient access to instruction. A golf lesson can be tough to squeeze into your hectic schedule. Trust me, I know other priorities can take up all your time.


Seeing these problems led me to this. I have created a website that addresses each of these for you.


  1. Confusion is eliminated because you have one voice, a trusted advisor holding you accountable at all times.
  2. There’s no huge time commitment necessary for our programs. In fact, if you give me two 5 minutes sessions per day (our “5 Minutes to Better Golf” program) I can make you better. Not to mention you can access these lessons 24 hours a day. There are quick and easy to understand explanations and drills that you can implement EVERY DAY within your busy schedule.
  3. The money factor I will talk about later in the e-mail.
  4. The 7 Essential Skills and the Red Zone short game concepts have simplified golf, eliminated slices and hooks, helped golfers hit the ball more solid, increased distance effortlessly and led to the most consistent golf of my students life.
  5. You will have¬†access to this information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.¬†¬†Isn’t the internet great?


“What can I tell you? Now I’ve broken 80 and am consistently shooting in the 80’s. That’s pretty good for a guy who just last year was shooting in the 120’s. I used to hit a BIG slice 200 yards with my driver and now I hit it 250 with a draw. The¬†three things that Charlie worked on in my full swing were so simple that once he told me, I couldn’t believe nobody had shown me these things before. I’m a believer.”
– Ron Foster, Greensboro, GA


Circumstances left me without playing college golf.¬† I met Charlie and we got to work on my whole game, not just the swing. I finished second on the Futures Tour money list last year, was leading the US Women’s Open and am an LPGA Tour member now. Charlie is a great coach.¬† You should let him be your coach.”

– Jean Reynolds, LPGA Tour Player


My career has been built around helping golfers. This program is built around the “best of the best” of that career. I asked myself, “What would I have wanted 20 years ago?”

Watch the video version of this e-mail and sign up.


The answer? A full program with effective strategies and a world class advisory board that I want YOU to take advantage of right now. You have access to ask questions from advisors on the cutting edge of golf fitness, club fitting, sports psychology and mechanics. There are hours of video tips, webinars, video answers. Downloads available that include everything from my book New Rules of Golf Instruction to checklists and evaluation forms to keep you on track during your instruction time. It is ALL of the best tools that I have found in my 20 year career stuffed into a membership website for you to take advantage of. And, I will be adding to the website with bonuses and fulfilling your requests on a regular basis.


If you’re looking for consistency. If you want to¬†reach your potential,¬†make more short putts,¬†hit your irons solid, be a¬†better short game player. This is your opportunity.


If you came to me in person, the same instruction would cost $160-$200 an hour for a private lesson and $1800 for one of our 3 Day Golf Schools. I’ve taken all of the successful programs out of that instruction time and condensed them so that you can access it¬†ON YOUR SCHEDULE¬†online. I’ve had a lot of success teaching these principles and now to giveEVERYONE a chance to benefit¬†from them – that really excites me.


I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time to get to the point that we are today. I want that work to pay off for you and I want to be your coach and your trusted advisor. I talked to several online experts about the pricing structure for this site and they suggested $99 and $47 a month respectively. In the end, I came up with $29.99 a month. However, with you being a trailblazer, I’m going to offer it to you at¬†$19.95 a month. As long as you stay a member, you will remain at that price for the life of your membership, even when the price bumps up to $29.95.


I am asking you to¬†join our revolution¬†for simpler golf instruction. And I guarantee you that there is¬†NOTHING TO LOSE. This is a 100 percent (no fine print, no “read between the lines”)¬†money back guarantee.¬†There’s no reason NOT to do this.¬†Give this thing a shot. It’s something I wish I had access to when I began the game and I want each of us (that’s right, I’ll be applying these programs myself) to benefit from it. It is a website that will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your golf game.


If you want to sign up and join our community, you can click on the link below that takes you to the signup page. I really want you to be a part of this. I want to take you through this program and show you the ideas that will simplify your game. 

So sign up and join the revolution.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.


Your Coach,

Charlie King

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