Happy New Year!…Now, Let’s Set Some Golf Goals by Karen Nicoletti

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Have you set your Golf Goals for 2010?


As we look ahead to the New Year, ask yourself some important questions in relation to your golf game. Have you gotten better in the last year or two? If you have, what has been the reason? ¬†If you haven’t, why not?¬† There are many different types of goals. We’re going to focus on outcome goals, physical goals, and mental goals.


Which area of your game do you want to work on? Setting goals is a way to give you a direction and a purpose for the up and coming golf season.

Outcome goals¬†get you to think about what you want to accomplish. Goals should be challenging¬†and just out of reach so you have to stretch. If you set your goals too high for the short term, it can lead to an attitude of “Why even try?”.

Examples of a few outcome goals would be:

  • The number of tournaments you want to play in or qualify for
  • A scoring average you would like to accomplish
  • Average putts per round
  • Anything you would like to improve on from last season


Physical goals have to do with what our physical skills, essential skills and techniques are. What aspects of your physical game need to be strengthened so you reach your outcome goals?

  • Do you need more distance?
  • Do you need to become a better putter?
  • How far do you hit each club?
  • Are your clubs fit for you?

If any of these apply to your goals, what do you need to do about them? Do you need new equipment? Are you practicing correctly? Are you taking golf lessons and working on a specific area of your game? Do you need to gain more physical strength and get more stamina?  A golf professional should be able to help you set some of these physical goals.


Mental goals allow you to look back and assess why you have not been able to play to your potential or why you are not getting the most out of your game.

  • What mental skills do you need to strengthen to reach your outcome goals?
  • ¬†Do you need to improve course management?
  • Do you need to better manage your emotions on the course?
  • ¬†Do you need to toughen up for competition?


Whatever your¬†golf¬†goals are, stick with them and I promise that you will improve. Remember “Goal Setting” is the best way to give you direction on where to start so you get better. If you need help with reaching these goals, give us a call 706-467-1660.


Happy Golfing!!


Karen Nicoletti LPGA Golf Professional

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