I Created a Video to Tune up YOUR Golf Swing -Check It Out

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Hey Everybody,

I’m sorry for being in hibernation for the last month.  I have been working on a project that you will be interested in ( more info is coming over the next 4 weeks).

I have been so excited to see the weather turn warm.  It got me thinking about a couple of simple tune ups that will get your swing on track for this golf season.  Check out the video and we will continue the quest for playing great golf and reaching our individual golf potential.

Video Outline

3 Key Tune Ups for your Full Swing

  • Grip

o The 3 functions of a good grip
o Henry Brunton’s grip training aid

  • Solid Contact

o Perfect your arc
o Golf is an energy transfer sport
o Line drill
o Use your half swing finish as a check point

  • Effortless Clubhead Speed

o Hinge to Re-Hinge is the mechanical advantage
o “Swoosh” Drill

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