Please VOTE for the Video That I Should Enter for Golf Channel’s Instructor Search

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Help me, Help you


Hope you are enjoying the milder climate and the transition into football season…I mean, fall. Since we last spoke, I’ve been working on yet another project and I’m reaching out to my loyal “constituents” for a little help.


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Golf Channel has a contest running for golf professionals like myself. It’s called “Golf Channel’s next Instructor.” Golf professionals must submit videos that express what “sets them apart as a golf teacher.” Four finalists will be chosen to host their very own half hour instruction special later this year and viewers will vote on who THEY believe should become the “next Instructor on Golf Channel.”


Well what does this all mean to you? It means that I need to enlist your help. You all know me, you know my instruction and so I’m reaching out to you.


I’ve created 2 videos that are supposed to “set me apart as a golf teacher.” I will post each of these on two following blog posts and YOUR comments will help me choose which video I select for competition. A “vote” is simply putting a “Yes” or a full comment in the comment section of the video of your choice. If you put a comment, that’s your vote for that video.  A comment for each video will cancel out your vote.


Your feedback will be critical in helping me pick the right video to use for this. I look forward to reading your candid thoughts and comments. Thanks for your help and for allowing me to be your instructor and coach.



Charlie King

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