Watch the Replay of New Rules Golf School Live, Many Questions Answered

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Our first episode of New Rules Golf School Live has been recorded and is ready for you to watch.  I have outlined the topics I covered below.  Enjoy and please pass this on to your golfing friends.  We can change the golf industry for the better with your help.




  1. Welcome to New Rules Golf School Live Episode 1
    1. Introduction – Charlie King, Director of Instruction for the New Rules Golf School at Reynolds Plantation
    2. The Goal of New Rules Golf School Live is to teach the 9 New Rules Standards and simplify learning golf


  1. This show is for you if:
    1. You have been confused or overwhelmed by golf instruction
    2. You have a desire to reach your potential
    3. You have not taken golf lessons in the past
    4. You have had a bad experience with your instruction
    5. If you are addicted to golf like me and want to talk golf


  1. You should hire a New Rules teacher
    1. I am going to show you what to look for in a prospective instructor
    2. I will study the mountain of information out there so you don’t have to


  1. Segment #1- What are the New Rules of Golf Instruction?
    1. Please download the New Rules of Golf Instruction at
    2. Today we will look at the first three:
  • i. Full Swing, Short Game, Mental Toughness


  1. Segment #2- Full Swing Essential- Solid Contact
    1. Striking vs. Scooping
    2. Line Drill, Hand Slap Demonstration, De-loft the Club


  1. Segment #3- Story of the Week
    1. Mike Schmidt’s  rhythm
    2. “Swoosh” Drill


  1. Segment #4-Q&A
    1. Jeff-How far should you take the club back?
    2. Jim-What powers the golf swing?
    3. Rick-Why do I get too much height on my irons?
    4. Mike- How do you start the downswing?


  1. Conclusion – Thank you for tuning in.  Please forward this too all your golfing friends and have them do the same.  Help me make New Rules Golf School Live the most impactful show about golf improvement!  New Rules puts thepower to improve in your hands.  New Rules Golf School – We raise your golf IQ and lower your scores!!

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