My Website to Help You “Reach Your Golf Potential” Opens Tomorrow – Watch the 1 Minute Trailer

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We’ve all been to the movies many times. You smell the popcorn as you enter the lobby and walk past the velvet rope lines. A pimple faced high school kid dressed in uniform tears your stub and points you to the right room (though you’re pretty certain you could find it on your own if need be). You sip your abnormally large soda as you move toward the theatre terrified that a bathroom break could strike at any minute during the screening of the film.


And when you get there early, sink in to your chair and start to dig in to those first bites of warm popcorn, you watch the previews of upcoming attractions. (Click Here to watch our website trailer) They are all built to stimulate us and get us excited about what is to come with the major motion picture.


And then what happens? Well, sometimes we get excited to the point that we go and see the movie. The problem – sometimes all the good stuff is in the trailer.


Well, I’m here to let you all know that my own “movie” is coming out in the form of a membership website built to make you a better golfer.. And in keeping with the movie theme I want you to check out my own trailer. But, keep in mind, all the good stuff for my “movie” is in the form of your improved golf game.


Click here for a our 1 minute website Trailer.


If you haven’t seen the first two videos (President of Golf Instruction Part 1 and 2) we’ve done in anticipation of our new release I encourage you to do so byclicking here.


When you do watch this trailer, I hope it gets you excited as it gets me about our new release. It’s been like making a movie this year to create the video content, drills and special programs to give you the best chance to Reach Your Potentialin golf.


Starting tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to sign up. This will be my big movie debut and I hope to see all of you there on opening day. The amount of video instruction for this ticket will far exceed any movie you’ve ever been to. That you can count on!


So watch our trailer and get ready to experience a revolution in golf instruction.


Your golf teacher and trusted advisor,

Charlie King


P.S. If you are looking for a one stop, affordable solution to reaching your potentialin golf and becoming the consistent player you always wanted to be – stay tuned.

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