What Loren Roberts Told Me About Reading Greens

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New Rules Red Zone Minute

A couple of years back, Loren Roberts was at the Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation doing a corporate outing for us.  He gave some of his best ideas on what made him such a good putter.

When the “Boss of the Moss” talks about putting, we are smart to listen.  In the video below I pass on to you a quick insight about how he reads greens.  Click on the video  below for some putting mojo.



  1. Charlie–great advice and I would add this. When you let the subconscious line you up while you’re looking at the hole, your feet will shuffle into the correct line/direction. Then, trace your putterhead back matching your foot line, and then it’s all speed reading from there. Rarely fails, and when it does, it’s because I override what my subconscious programmed in!

  2. Loren Roberts and Charlie King hit the nail on the head! Your feet will tell you more about green reading than you might care to admit. Using your feet will help you to recognize which way the ball will break.
    Playing “out of your mind” a.k.a. in the zone is to allow the non-conscious mind to react to what is seen.
    Great stuff Charlie, keep up the great work!

    Glen Coombe
    The Putting Doctor

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