When Winter Changes to Spring…

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I admit I am a fair weather golfer.


I like the temp to be 70 degrees and above when I play golf (and when I teach golf). I realized a few weeks back that I could not remember a truly good round of golf I had played in the cold. I have a theory for why this has been true. I am cold natured. My toes go numb in cold and cool weather. I love Hot weather.


I say this to you to say “I’m not a big fan of winter time”. I really look forward to the spring, warmer weather and getting excited about the new season and the Masters.


Spring is right around the corner and it is time to get focused on our golf game for the upcoming season.


Have you been practicing?


Are you ready?


I have been on a strengthening and stretching program to get ready for having a great year.  I feel sooo much better when I am consistently working out.

Are you excited about the spring? What have you been doing to get ready for your best golf year ever?


Below I have a couple of products that will give you a game plan for a great spring of golf and a great year.


Also, in the comment section, please let me know what topics you would like me to talk about in upcoming emails, videos and blog posts.  I am you coach and I want to motivate, inspire and coach you to your best golf.

OFFERS for the Golfers on my List:


1) Short Game Blueprint – my latest product to take golfers to the next level. I have used a unique process for 20 years that when golfers follow it they get 75% better on average.  I have packaged that program into a home study program called the Short Game Blueprint.  It is a fraction (5%) of what it would cost to have me take you through the process personally.  I wanted to make this available because I can’t teach everyone simply because of time and geography. Click Here to learn more about the product and sign up.


2) 2 Men on a Mission – How would you like to get better at golf and give to a great cause?  I know you would because you careout your golf game and you have a good heart. I heard Major Dan Rooney speak 4 years ago about the children of fallen soldiers nd their hardships.  I made a pact that I would raise money for Dan and his special group.  Click Here to sign up for my New Rules Golf School Online program and have 50% of what you pay go to this charity on your behalf.

OFFERS for Reynolds Members:
1) Lesson Series with Charlie King: 6 lessons for the price of 5.  When you sign up for a 5 hour series with me, you get a 6th lesson for free. That averages out to my lowest hourly rate of $125 per hour ($150 savings).

2) Introductory One hour lesson at half price: For new members or those who haven’t had a lesson with me, you can get a one hour introductory lesson for $80 (half price). I want to meet you and give you a lesson. This offer is for those members who haven’t had a lesson with me before.
Your golf game is my top priority. More distance, less three putts, out of the bunker in one shot, more consistency. These are all within your reach with instruction and feedback from a teacher.

Please call 706-467-1660 to signup for these offers.

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