Who Are You? – New Rules Mental Toughness Minute

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I have just taped a new series of one minute video instruction snippets that will be helpful and thought provoking.

Today’s video is my first in my New Rules Mental Toughness Series: Who Are You?

Click on the image below to watch the one minute video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. I will be taking your red zone three day course next month and have been struggling with pitching, chipping and putting so am looking forward to you lessons. I think a lot of my problems are mental which seem hard to control. I think your minute toughness video should help.

    • Garry, we will tackle these things when you get here. We are looking forward to it.

  2. Charlie good stuff I like it a lot

  3. 2 quotes in reply…

    And Bagger Vance said to Junah:

    “Tell me who you are, Junah. Who, in your deepest parts, when all that is inauthentic has been stripped away. Are you your name, Rannulph Junah? Will that hit this shot for you? Are you your illustrious forebears? Will they hit it? Are you your roles, Junah? Scion, soldier, Southerner? Husband, father, lover? Slayer of the foe in battle, comforter of the friends at home? Are you your virtues, Junah, or your sins? Your deeds, your feats? Are you your dreams or your nightmares? Tell me, Junah. Can you hit the ball with any of these?”

    “People by and large become what they think of themselves.” William James

    • Those are two GREAT quotes. I had forgotten the one from Bagger Vance.

  4. Renforcing of commitment to stay with New Rules Golf on line.

  5. I am suffering with the yipps in my short wedge game. I also have turned the thermostat down 2 or 3 notches. I will work on raising it 5 notches. Thanks for the tip!

    • We night need to take a look at that wedge game sometime as well.

  6. Awesome and helpful. Will incorporate this tip in my thought process!!!

  7. I like it. Good thoughts. How do you undo who you are when you have deeply ingrained bad thoughts….like “I am a shanker.”

    • One way is to improve your golf skills and “earn” the right to have a stronger belief about yourself. The other part is to create the picture of who you are becoming and let it the progress happen faster.

  8. I like your new 1 minute ‘mental toughness’ video; it applies to more than golf!

    • Yes it does. Our Identity is at the Core of our mental success or struggles.

  9. Great message. Very well done video.

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