Who are you Pulling For Today in the British Open?

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I’m having a hard time deciding who to pull for today in the Open Championship.  This is great golf watching the players adjust to the wind, rain and difficulty of the golf course.

Part of me is pulling for Darren Clarke because of what he has been through with the loss of his wife (and he is a TaylorMade player).

Another part of me is pulling for Dustin Johnson.  He had the commanding lead at the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach and lost it and then had the dubious bunker ruling at the PGA Championship.  He hits it long, he’s fun to watch and he is due.

I know there are other players but I am focused on these two.  When push comes to shove, for me it is time to see an American win a major.  It has been awhile and that is going to sway me today.

Go Dustin Johnson, but it won’t hurt my feelings to see Darren Clarke win (or Rickie Fowler for that matter).

If you see this today, tell me in the comment section below who you are pulling for and why.

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