Who We Are

Not everybody can win The Masters.  There’s only that select one each year.  For Charlie King, golf instruction is about helping golfers win their Masters, whatever that personal goal may be. It’s a distinction that guides the veteran instructor and 18-year PGA of America member through the development of programming for the Reynolds Golf Academy.

“The foundation of the academy is to take the mystery out of playing golf.  We’ll focus on personal strengths and weaknesses to build a core of essential golf skills that will improve any golfer’s game.”

– Charlie King
Director of Instruction,
Reynolds Golf Academy, GOLF Magazine “Top 100 Instructor”


I’ve made a 20-year study of why some people get better and some don’t. So what have I
discovered that determines whether golfers get better? First and foremost, it is the concepts and ideas you’ve picked up that have shaped your game.  New Rules Golf School is designed to have you consider a set of concepts that will make sure you don’t have the type of experiences I had.

The Old Rules failed me. I wasn’t given the information that would have helped me improve
to my fullest. Until now, there has not been a clear vision that defines the best process to help
you reach your full potential. I asked completely different questions as I built my teaching
career: How do people best learn a motor skill? What is an individual characteristic and what
is truly fundamental? What examples in other sports and activities are models for what we
should be doing in golf? How do mental fitness, physical fitness and equipment apply to
these questions and answers?